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Thanks to the internet, it's tremendously hard to keep anything secret or build suspense about anything in the film world. Hell, the actors in the upcoming Batman and Superman movies aren't given their own copies of the script and when they do have access, they have to read under lock and key. As a result, anything that comes across as intriguing or mysterious becomes inherently interesting, and Sundance hit Bellflower is taking advantage of that.

IMDb has posted the first trailer for the feature - the first from writer/director/actor Evan Glodell - and it exemplifies the word "teaser." Clocking in at less than a minute, the footage shows little more than the car at the center of the film and a bunch of friendly press quotes. Though there's no official release date yet, the film is scheduled to be released by Oscilloscope Laboratories this summer.

Check out the trailer below or in HD over on IMDb.