Follow The Clues To Sherlock Holmes' New Viral Promotion

It looks like Warner Bros. is launching a new viral promotion game for Sherlock Holmes. I guess we should have seen this coming. It is a movie about a detective after all. Never has a round of viral follow the clues been more appropriate. A very short time ago, the WB tweeted this message:

SHERLOCK HOLMES needs your help!

Follow that link and you’ll end up with an encrypted page requesting a code. By using the powers of deductive reasoning we’ve discovered that the password is IRENE, the first name of a certain Sherlock Holmes love interest Irene Adler. Should you enter the password you’ll be confronted by the guy you see pictured with this story, and he’ll dole out vague information which, as far as I can tell doesn’t mean anything. In summary what he says is this:

To attain the knowledge and power of the Magus you must have: An intelligence illuminated by study. An intrepidity which nothing can check. A will which nothing can break. A discretion which nothing can corrupt and nothing intoxicate. The four words of the Magus are: To dare, to know. to will, to keep silent.

Once the hooded figure stops talking you’ll find yourself dropped on a page which asks for your email address and then goes no further. What’s the next step? Or was this all just some trick to get your email address? What’s it all mean? You tell me. Let the games begin.

Josh Tyler