Avengers: Age of Ultron may still be seven months away, but that isn’t stopping Marvel Cinematic Universe rumors about the distant future from flooding our desks on a daily basis. Despite very few people knowing how Joss Whedon’s ensemble sequel will end, many publications claim to have the inside scoop on Marvel’s plans for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the coming years. The latest rumor is that Marvel might not include Captain America, Thor and possibly Black Widow in Avengers 3. There’s no word on Iron Man or Hulk, but since Robert Downey Jr. is signed on for a third Avengers film, he could be the character that brings the new team together.

Hypothetically let’s say that the majority of the main players don’t show up for Avengers 3. Maybe the battle with Ultron somehow splits the team up, forcing others to become the new iteration of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Which heroes could be part of the new Avengers? Luckily, Marvel has some fantastic candidates at the ready. There are plenty of possible choices who have already been introduced, and there are others who may be at the center of their own Marvel movie very soon. Here are the heroes who should comprise the second generation Avengers.

Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange
If there’s one thing the Avengers are missing, it’s magic. Oh sure, Thor can call down lighting and has a hammer that only he can lift, but the team could use a little "sorcerous" flair. That what the Master of the Mystic Arts brings to the table. Audiences will already be well-acquainted with Doctor Strange after his solo film in 2016, so there’s no need to go into detail about how his powers work. Abilities-wise, most of the superpowers in the MCU have been physical. It would be a welcome variation to bring on a hero who isn’t going around punching and shooting enemies. Strange’s powers are a change of pace, especially if the threat in Avengers 3 is more supernatural in nature. He can just hang out in the back and unleash his magics on whatever enemies try to take out him and his teammates. Plus, with the Orb of Agamotto, Strange will be every useful when it comes to figuring out which bad guy is going to attack Earth next.

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