Former Executive Borrows From Gremlins To Give You The Jitters

I always thought that when it came to Hollywood, there were two types of people: the business minded and the creative minded. The business minded are responsible for figuring out how a movie can make back the money that was spent on it. Marketing campaigns. Trailers. Posters. The creative minded are responsible for creating the things that those marketing campaigns advertise. Movies. Duh. I thought that those two types of brains were so different that they rarely occupied the same skull. Boy, was I wrong.

Take, for instance, Marc Haimes. The guy was a former executive at Dreamworks who left his post earlier this year to become a screenwriter. In the seven months since his departure, he has already sold two scripts. The first one sold was a thriller titled Elevator Men. Now, according to THR, Paramount has picked up Jitters, a family horror film influenced by 80s favorites like Gremlins.

Of course, at the end of the day, none of this means that the guy is actually talented. After all, Hollywood is all about who you know, and when you work as an executive, you know a lot of people. In fact, the producer of Jitters will be a producer that Haimes worked with during his tenure at Dreamworks. So all you hardworking, unemployed screenwriters out there, know that all you have to do to be successful is become a successful high-level executive first!