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We can pretty much all agree that Deadpool was a fantastic movie. That doesn’t mean that it can’t still be improved upon to be made even better. One group on the internet always knows where movies need to make changes. Check out how Deadpool should have ended.

When it comes to the actual story of Deadpool, the team at HISHE (Hot It Should Have Ended) points out a couple of issues with the movie. The first is in the opening, where one has to wonder why Deadpool didn’t pick up one of the many guns if he was worried about the number of bullets he had access to. I have to admit I was so focused on Deadpool looking like a badass in that scene that this never really crossed my mind. The second point the video makes, that Vanessa’s fall from the "not-a-helicarrier" while inside a glass box would have almost certainly killed her, is something I had an issue with at the time. Even with the luck that the thing didn’t land on the glass side, it’s really unlikely she would have survived that fall.

From there, the video breaks down into the not unusual cafe conversation that we often see from these videos. The three stars of Deadpool are joined by Batman and Superman in a little cross cultural comic moment. It turns out Superman and Batman have very different ideas about what direction their film franchise should be heading in from a ratings perspective. Superman thinks the whole R-rating idea is terrible. This is not surprising.

But, it wouldn’t be a Deadpool video without making its own references. The clip makes some Firefly jokes on behalf of Morena Baccarin and an Avengers: Age of Ultron joke thanks to a brief Captain America cameo. When Deadpool is kicked out of the bar for all the evil characters, because he’s too good, he leaves behind the most evil thing he can think of.

image description

This thing is so evil it scares away all the bad guys. Seriously, we may never get tired of making fun of X-Men: Origins - Wolverine. Or Green Lantern, for that matter.

All jokes aside, there doesn’t feel like much they could have done to actually make Deadpool better. After years of trying, they finally made the movie they’d been trying to make. Is there anything you think they could have done to make Deadpool any better?

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