I do have to ask about the push back, because it’s a significant thing.

And a scary thing.

And it’s a scary thing and there is kind of a stigma that comes with the idea of being pushed back. As I mentioned, I did enjoy the film. I thought it was really fun, but I guess my question is, what is the value of 3D versus kind of that...

Good question. I think there’s two things. Creatively, I think the movie is better with it. The 3D experience is incredible. 2D is really fun and it’s great, but what you can do now in 3D, when you do it well, which I think we did, you can create a more, that famous word now that everyone loves, immersive experience. I always think those terms are kind of bullshit. Come on, really, is that what it is? I think you get to participate with the screen in a way. That’s how I would describe it, rather than literally. So, you create a more... I love that moment when the missile, the first missile comes. It’s not even on the screen and that’s like, “Whoa, that’s cool,” and so, you’re breaking the boundaries of the wall and I think that just adds another element. So, you see it in 2D, it’s really fun. You see it in 3D, you get this new element.

So, as filmmakers, it was great that the studio... When you first hear you’re being pushed back, you go, “Well, what does that mean? Does that mean you don’t like the movie? Does that mean despite telling us you like it, you don’t like it? Are we going to get the stigma?” All those things. So, emotionally, the first moment is like, “Uh!” Then, I guess probably because I’ve been around for a while, I sort of go, “So, wait a second. They’re going to be willing to invest 10, 12, 14 million dollars more into the movie. Ok, that sounds pretty good.” You know? And then the unknown becomes what’s your next release date. Is it going to be a good date or not. It could be a terrible date in which case, you moved to the worst place. I think the date turned out. It looks to me like it’s going to be a good date. There’s no direct competition to what we’re doing exactly and it feels like there’s actually kind of a window for it. So, we benefited from it We’ll see if I feel that way on Saturday morning. But yeah, I think at the end of the day, it turned out a good thing for us.

And I do want to ask about the release date, but I’m curious, why was the original choice not to film it in 3D?

Because there was not enough time. We talked about 3D, but they wanted it for the June release date and the experience I’d had on Transformers told me that we were not prepared for it. And also with Jon, he never shot a big action picture and so to then saddle him with 3D cameras and the demands on top of that. We could have really collapsed. So, with Paramount, we made the decision not to do it. So, it wasn’t... We sort of thought about its visualization as 3D, because we always sort of did that. I think that’s one of the reasons it’s converted so well.

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