Yesterday, it was confirmed that Channing Tatum would play the character of Gambit in an upcoming X-Men film. This isn't the first time an X-character has been recast, but it might be the most high-profile shift: Gambit, as played by Taylor Kitsch, had a major speaking role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Tatum, who is only one year older than Kitsch, represents an upgrade in star power, but within the X-universe, it's a puzzling change that thus far accomplishes only an attempt at a do-over, to make Gambit a more prominent part of the X-Men movies.

During adaptation, such changes need to be made, which is why the stars of the X-Men comics are not the same as the stars of the X-Men movies. The liberties taken have, in many ways, robbed movie fans of a chance at seeing some engaging storylines, while also cheating the hardcore comic fans out of some of the more treasured characters and moments of a 50-year-old canon. Channing Tatum's casting is essentially the franchise taking a mulligan on their first attempt at Gambit and starting over. What other characters deserve a re-do in the X-universe?

(Some of our speculations include spoilers from the various X-Men movies, so proceed with caution.)

Who Are They, And What Did They Do? Cyclops appears in the original trilogy courtesy of James Marsden. He's basically KO'ed swiftly in both those earlier films, left to stand around while Wolverine saves the day. They did away with restraint in that third film and killed him, in a way that led to no one even mentioning his death afterwards. Tim Pocock appears in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as a younger version of the character, one that would have established that Marsden was playing a forty year old. We're guessing no one ever mentions that again.

What We're Missing Out On: Cyclops is arguably the most significant character in the X-Men universe. Abandoned by his spacefaring father Corsair, Cyclops grew to become the field leader for the X-Men, a position he never relinquished. While his mentor/student relationship grew strong with Professor X, soon he would grow impatient with Xavier's pacifism, branching out to lead a separate team of X-Men as, essentially, mutant terrorists. In the distant future, he and his wife Jean Grey are meant to raise a child, one that would grow up to be pivotal mutant liberation leader Cable. You need someone with authority and conviction in the role, someone intense, powerful and commanding. Matt Bomer would be a nice choice.

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