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Gambit May Have Found Its Female Lead, Get The Details

From an outsider's perspective, it seems like Rupert Wyatt's Gambit really needs to get a move-on, as it should be starting production soon but has yet to put some key pieces in place. The good news is that today it seems that the project may soon be getting one step closer towards being a reality, as it appears that Lea Seydoux has been offered the movie's lead female role.

It was back in late July that we first heard Seydoux's name mentioned in connection with the part of Belladonna Boudreaux - heir to the head of the Assassins Guild - but today Deadline is reporting that 20th Century Fox has extended an offer to the actress. According to reports, the French star's closest competition for the role included Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation's Rebecca Ferguson, and Mad Max: Fury Road's Abbey Lee - but the competition became less intense late last week when Ferguson dropped out of consideration (instead joining The Girl On The Train with Emily Blunt). Presumably the folks behind the production spent the weekend trying to make a choice, and it seems that today they made one.

Should she accept the job, Lea Seydoux will be only the second actor to sign on to the project after Channing Tatum (who is playing the movie's titular card-throwing, staff-wielding mutant). While she is primarily known for her work back in France, such as Blue Is The Warmest Color, she has gotten a taste of Hollywood blockbusters with roles in films like Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol and the upcoming James Bond adventure Spectre. She's going to need to hone her action star skills to star in Gambit, but she's already demonstrated a good amount of ass-kicking ability.

Lea Seydoux

In the comics, Belladonna Boudreaux a.k.a. Bella is a childhood friend of Gambit's, though they are a touched star-crossed due to his relationship to the Thieves Guild (rival of the Assassins Guild). When they are older, it is decided that the two should marry in an attempt to create peace, but the proceedings are interrupted by certain parties and the whole thing ends in tragedy and banishment. At this time, there are very few details available about the plot of the film, but it wouldn't be surprising in the slightest to see a story similar to this play out in live-action.

I personally love the choice of Lea Seydoux for this part. The character should have a natural Cajun accent, and while her natural speech isn't 100 percent there, she's more than halfway there with her French background. Plus, she also happens to be a very talented actress, and if the script is up to snuff she could deliver a fantastic performance.

Gambit will be in theaters October 7, 2016.

Eric Eisenberg
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