Gary Oldman Confirms He Was Called About Star Wars: Episode VII

In hindsight, it makes perfect sense that Gary Oldman would have received a call from the executives trying to get Star Wars: Episode VII off the ground. Despite his reputation as an exquisite "Thespian" (with a capital "T"), Oldman’s also a franchise guy, having contributed to the Harry Potter and Batman series before moving over to Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Plus – and this goes without saying – he’s Gary Freaking Oldman. If you can get him, you get him.

Well, J.J. Abrams hasn’t signed Oldman to a role in Episode VII, but as you can hear from the actor above they did call and "inquire" about his interest in joining the next generation of Star Wars movies. Oldman was working the publicity circuit on behalf of the new RoboCop when he was asked about Star Wars by Sky News. It’s unclear whether the journalist was merely fishing, or if they had a lead about Oldman’s actual involvement. Either way, he bit. Oldman said:

"They’ve called. … I’m more cynical about it now. I’ll believe it when I’m on the plane home. The deal isn’t done. But yeah they’ve inquired."

Of course, if rumors are to be believed, they’ve inquired about countless actors, solidifying nothing up to this point. Actors who have made claims similar to Oldman’s now include Jesse Plemons, Matt Smith, Michael B. Jordan, Saoirse Ronan and many more. And yet, we have heard nothing from the offices of Bad Robot, Disney, LucasFilm or anyone directly associated with the film. So we continue to chase speculation.

Except, there’s only so far you can travel down these dark corridors before you hit dead ends. Oldman may have been approached – he says he has, and I believe him – but what role could he play? No idea, because story details are under lock and key. The Star Wars franchise has employed acting royalty over the years, so Oldman would fit right in to any part. We just have no possible clue as to what direction Abrams might be heading, so the least we possibly can report is that Oldman is in the running, along with a marathon’s worth of other interested actors.

Episode VII is due in theaters on Dec. 18, 2015. Until then, you can check out Oldman in the new RoboCop, which blasts its way into multiplexes on Feb. 12.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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