Though The Descendants is the movie guaranteed to get him a Best Actor Oscar nomination, George Clooney is also riding high through awards season with his directorial effort The Ides of March, which once again proves he's far more than just an actor with a pretty face. Clooney seems committed to continuing a directing career along with his life of international celebrity and leisure, and according to The LA Times, he and producing partner Grant Heslov have picked their next project. You know, it'll just be your average story about art historians saving precious works of art from Hitler during World War II.

As spectacular as that story sounds, it's apparently a true story, about 11 civilians who landed at Normandy, faced enemy fire, and at least one of them even managed to fall in love, with a French woman who tracked down stolen art and sometimes hid them. Here's how Clooney described the story:

“It’s an amazing story, and Grant and I are already thinking about how great the casting can be. And there’s also a great love story.”

The obvious comparison seems to be to Inglourious Basterds, but anyone looking at Clooney's style of directing would have a hard time comparing it to Tarantino, so we should prepare for another alternate take on World War II history with a complete different attitude. None of Clooney's previous directing efforts have had the kind of scope you expect in a war movie, so he might have a lot of work cut out for him learning how to stage massive battle scenes. But Clooney never shown a lack of ambition, so if any director would be willing to learn, it seems like it will be him.

Clooney is describing the project, called The Monuments Men for now, is his top priority, which means his planned Smothers Brothers film might have to wait. I'm fine with that-- the idea of this World War II story is far too intriguing to wait too long to see it.

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