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George Hamilton Wants In On That Vampire Cash

Vampires are in style these days, everybody knows that. But my understanding was that the hip vampires need to be young and sexy and constantly making eyes at each other, and definitely not played by an orange-skinned icon from another era.

But George Hamilton will not let such naysaying get in his way! The star of the 1979 hit Love at First Bite is apparently trying to get a sequel going, according to Moviehole, and has plans to call it Batrimony: Love at Second Bite. Cue exaggerated eyerolls here. Hamilton said to WENN, "It's terrific. It's all about old world school of Dracula in the Bela Lugosi 1940s up against the Twilight felons with humor. It's hard to do but it's great fun."

Wait... Twilight felons? Has he actually seen the movie? Those kids are the most boring supernatural creatures since Teen Witch. Hamilton's intended project almost sounds so bizarre that he could be joking, and it's hard to imagine a movie with him in the lead could be anything resembling a Twilight-sized hit these days. But the fans of the old movie must be out there-- is the saga of Count Dracula in New York really begging for a sequel?

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend