Get An Original 35mm Film Frame From Thor Along With Your Movie Ticket

How much would you pay for an original 35mm frame from the movie Thor? I’m guessing most of you probably wouldn’t bother paying for the shipping costs, but what if the frame also came with a special, collectible movie ticket to see the film? I will now present you with an offer which, depending on where you live, may seem very reasonable somewhat reasonable or a bit of a ripoff. The website Senitype is offering the packages for fifteen dollars a piece. Each offering is individually numbered, contains a unique still and allows you into Thor for free. Is this genius or a hokey gimmick that’ll never catch on?

I suspect more than a few fan boys will jump at the change to grab a piece of Thor, but it’s unclear whether average moviegoers will see this as creative alternative to Fandango or a wasteful add on which jacks up ticket prices slightly. At the theater I go to in Indiana, you can still see movies during the week for five dollars; so, ten dollars for a movie still seems wasteful. But when I go visit my parents in downtown Chicago and have to shell out thirteen bucks, an extra two seems like a worthwhile investment.

The website has indications they’re preparing the same marketing scheme for Captain America. For the time being, we’ll probably only see like-minded promotions for superhero flicks, comic book adaptations and random movies geared towards teenagers, but if those go over well enough, Sentitype may have stumbled upon an entirely new way fans will purchase movie tickets. I’m not sold yet, but stranger things have happened.

Check out all 8 varieties of collectible tickets below. If you want one, we've told you where to go.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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