Don’t mistake Star Wars: Episode VII co-star Domhnall Gleeson for a newcomer. While director J.J. Abrams danced around Hollywood’s casting card to populate his Star Wars sequel with series veterans (Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill) and untested newbies (Daisy Ridley), Gleeson has been holding his own in massive film franchises and under-the-radar features for years.

He just hasn’t had anything quite as massive as Star Wars. Still, there are plenty of fantastic films you can boot up this weekend to get a better sense of the type of actor Domhnall Gleeson is (and can be). Are we looking at the son of Luke Skywalker? Possibly. And these five films confirm that if, indeed, that’s the direction J.J. Abrams wants to go in Star Wars: Episode VII, the role is in very good hands.

About Time
About Time
Hands down, About Time is Domhnall Gleeson’s best film to date. Written and directed by Richard Curtis (Love Actually, Notting Hill), the romantic comedy casts the Irish actor as a clumsy twentysomething who learns, from his father (the dry Bill Nighy), that he’s able to time travel. And as any man that age would do, Gleeson uses the power to get the girl of his dreams – played by Rachel McAdams. What could have been a gimmicky fluff comedy has real weight and tension thanks to the care and craft brought by McAdams and Gleeson. There are some big emotional turns in the second and third acts of About Time, and Gleeson rises to each occasion. Start here if you are just learning about this young talent.

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