Last night the Golden Globes doled out plenty of booze to the stars and plenty of laughs and surprises for those of us at home. Dallas Buyers Club and American Hustle came away as big winners, while supposed frontrunner 12 Years a Slave got shut down for every one of their seven nominations except (inexplicably) Best Motion Picture - Drama.

You can see the full list of winners here. But below I'll be reliving some of the Globes best moments through that wonderful web portrait known as gifs.

Before the Globes began there was the normal nonsense on the red carpet, including the Mani-Cam which Elizabeth Moss--who took home a Globe for Top of the Lake--gave a special one finger salute.

I don't know what Girls creator/star Lena Dunham was asked here, but this is the face I made when Brooklyn Nine-Nine beat out Girls and Parks and Recreation for Best TV Comedy.

Jennifer Lawrence was rocking an old-school Ariel dress (as EW pointed out), and took to the carpet with her usual lovable shenanigans.

But when she won, she was genuinely and sweetly surprised. The only surprise in her acceptance speech was how uncharacteristically unwacky it was. As I wondered when the backlash might begin for this high flyer, one of the attendees of the Golden Globe party I was at remarked, "Ugh! I'm so over her." And so it begins.

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