Guardians Of The Galaxy Gets An Amazing 8-Bit Remake

While most movies released last August probably won't stand the test of time, Guardians Of The Galaxy will not be one of those films The latest sign of the film's unlimited supply of charm is this awesome 8-bit remake, which even comes complete with chip tune re-dos of the film's epic soundtrack.

From CineFix, the team that brought you 8-Bit remakes of classic films like Forrest Gump, Happy Gilmore, and The Shining; comes the Nintendo-esque remake of Guardians Of The Galaxy. While CineFix gives this sort of treatment to pretty much any movie they see fit, it's hard to argue how fitting it is that James Gunn's summer blockbuster has received the honor.

So how does Guardians Of The Galaxy the movie match up with the game? Well, take a look for yourself, starting with the digitized versions of Star Lord and Drax themselves during their time on the Dark Aster.

Star Lord - Drax

Gamora's green tint really pops with the old fashioned color palette, and the Xandar chase from the first act of the film makes for a rather fun side scroller.


You know, there's something about an 8bit version of Rocket Raccoon that's just adorable. At least, as adorable as a raccoon with a gun can be.


Honestly, if any one in the Guardians Of The Galaxy cast was built for the retro video game aesthetic, it has to be Groot. His bark practically looks like pixels anyway and it's honestly a lot of fun to watch him move and fight in 8-bit form.


CineFix even managed to get Yondu and his magic arrow down to a tee. While the photo is a good representation, the actual bit in the video nails the entire epic sequence that he has after his ship has crashed on Xandar.


The 8-bit Guardians Of The Galaxy isn't the first re-interpretation we've seen of the rag tag band of galactic crusaders, but it's probably the best so far. If any of you aspiring game developers out there want to make a splash on the internet, why not make an 8-bit version of this popular Marvelmovie? In the meantime, we've already got our fingers crossed for an 8-bit remake of Kingsman: The Secret Service next.

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