Guardians Of The Galaxy Is Selling The Most Fitting Merchandise Possible

If you're like me (by which I mean weird and far too geeky for your own good), then you probably walked out of James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy this summer not only wanting to listen to the soundtrack over and over, but to get it on cassette tape. For those of you who felt this way, I have some pretty kick-ass news.

According to Billboard, an officially licensed, fully-functional cassette tape version of the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack will be coming to stores in just a few short weeks. In addition to the tape, fans will also receive a specially designed case, which features the full track list written in Star-Lord's mother's handwriting (or at least the same font). You can scope out the package and tape below, and see the full version over at Billboard:

Guardians of the Galaxy Cassette Tape

Amazing and awesome as this news is, it also comes with a slight catch. Instead of getting a full release, the limited edition cassette will only be available to the independent retailers associated with Record Store Day, starting November 17th. There doesn't seem to be any information available regarding exactly how many copies will be available, but hopefully Marvel Music/Hollywood Records is making enough copies for every fan out there that wants one (which I assume will be a lot). Hopefully we'll get to hear more details about the release closer to its in-store date. To find the Record Store Day-participating location nearest you, head over to the event's official website.

The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack on cassette would be a great item for any fan to own, and the good news is that even if you don't have a cassette player, each package also includes a digital download of the album. And even if you miss out on this officially licensed version in stores, you can always look on sites like eBay and Etsy to find fan created versions as well. And if those aren't good enough, you can always go for the Dancing Baby Groot toy that will be in stores everywhere at the end of the year:

Guardians of the Galaxy's soundtrack - a.k.a. Awesome Mix, Vol. 1 - is currently available in MP3, CD and vinyl formats, and the film will be getting released on Blu-ray and DVD starting December 9th - just in time for Christmas!

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