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Remember a few years ago when the writer's strike meant that only Billy Bush was allowed to handle the Golden Globes, and nobody watched because, hey, who is that guy anyway? Yeah, that was awful. And to make up for it for the rest of our lifetimes, the Hollywood Foreign Press is making sure we get stars! Lots of stars! To present the awards from now on.

Which is why it is news, somehow, that Halle Berry, Matthew Fox and Colin Farrell have been added to the list of Globes presenters, according to THR. They'll be joined onstage by fellow presenters Jennifer Aniston, Mickey Rourke and Julia Roberts, along with host Ricky Gervais. None of these people are nominated this year-- though Colin Farrell is totally great in Crazy Heart-- so it'll probably be the usual Globes banter and gawking at famous people that's why we watch all the nonsense anyway. Take your champagne and enjoy it; you know it's what you want.

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