Hangover Part II Clips Come With A Tribute To Annie's Boobs

I’ve heard rumblings from people who’ve seen it that The Hangover Part 2 isn’t any good. To me that seems almost impossible since all indications are that they’ve simply re-run the format of the original film. Normally I’d be turned off by that, rewatching the same story over again is a pretty cynical way to pull of an audience cash-grab, but in this case that’s all I really want from this sequel. Just give me more of the first one, and while I may not walk out as elated as I was with the first one, I’ll walk out with a smile.

Here’s two new clips from The Hangover Part 2 which seem to confirm that this is exactly the movie we’re getting. It’s the same film. The first one has them waking up and discovering all the things that went wrong the night before, as they did in the first one. The second clip has them in yet another chase where they’re being shot at, only this time the baby Carlos has been replaced by a jean-jacket wearing monkey. Check out the clips, I’ll see you after with more on the film.

Here’s a fun fact about the monkey you just saw. This isn’t his first time in the limelight. It's not even the first time he's worked with Dr. Ken. The monkey is also a recurring character on the NBC series Community where he plays Annie’s Boobs. Yes, that’s his name on the show. Annie’s Boobs. You may remember him from the episode where he steals a pen and cause chaos within the study group. Enjoy a little Community tribute to the monkey's work on that show:

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