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Speculation has been rampant about the possibility of Hawkeye showing up in Thor, but until now, much of the official word has pushed fans closer to no than yes. Jeremy Renner has already signed on to play the character in Joss Whedon’s more than a year away Avengers, but after he brought up the possibility of a Thor cameo and then later denied it, the whole prospect seemed DOA. Not so much anymore.

As rumored by The Wrap, an unnamed source that has seen an early cut of Thor has admitted Hawkeye does show up, though for how long and doing exactly what is still anyone’s guess. None of this should come as a big surprise, if it’s true. Marvel is a big fan of introducing characters to be seen later, as they did with Nick Fury in Iron Man, and the whole Thor / Avengers crossover seems like the next logical step.

For now it's all rumor, we'll let you know if any of this gets confirmed. Until then, have fun speculating. How do you think they'd use the character, if he shows up in Thor's world?

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