He-Man Movie Back On Track

After a brief detour in development hell, it looks like that new version of He-Man we’ve been hearing about for so long is back on track. This time, it’s being shepherded along by Warner Brothers and legendary producer Joel Silver.

Variety says the deal isn’t quite done, apparently they’re still waiting on final approval from toymaker Mattel. Once it happens, Justin Marks is set to write the script. Marks, has written a string of movies that no one has seen for a mostly unknown director named Brad Furman. Apparently he’s about to break as the new king of 80s franchise re-adaptions though, because IMDB also lists him as the screenwriter on a new, updated version of Voltron.

I’d like to look on the positive side and say that this version can’t possibly be worse than the 87 Masters of the Universe version with Dolph Lundgren, but I used to say the same thing about Punisher before the redid that and boy was I wrong. It can be worse, they’ll just have to work really hard at it.

With Transformers hitting in a few weeks, turning 80s kids franchises into live action blockbusters is probably about to become all the rage… depending of course on the film’s success or failure. If Transformers makes big money, movies like He-Man and GI Joe will probably get fast tracked, and don’t be surprised to see My Little Pony or some other equally silly nonsense headed towards theaters next.

Josh Tyler