Norwegian filmmaker Morten Tyldum is about to embark upon his first English-language movie endeavor. The director, whose most recent film won’t debut in the U.S. until next spring, has signed on to helm Vendom Pictures’ “futuristic thriller” What Happened To Monday?.

What Happened to Monday? appeared on the blacklist last December. Written by Max Botkin, the story follows a group of identical septuplets (that’s seven) who are trying to avoid governmental execution due to a one-child-per-family rule set in place as the result of overpopulation. To make their situation even more of a struggle, one of them goes missing and the other six set out to try to find them.

The title and the premise give us a general idea of what this movie will be about, so this is pure speculation here but perhaps “Monday” is the name (or nickname) of the missing sibling. Maybe they each have a set day that’s their’s to live each week.

According to Deadline, Tyldum is signed on to direct Monday, which will be his first English-language film. The Norwegian director’s recent movie Headhunters, which is based on Jo Nesbo’s crime novel, earned buzz at Cannes. Magnolia Pictures has the rights to it and we should expect it to be released in the U.S. next spring.

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