Hear The Jurassic Park Music Sung By Goats

Finally, the version of the Jurassic Park theme music sung by goats that you've been waiting for for decades. I'm honestly not sure if I should be saying "You're welcome" for sharing this Jurassic Park-goat mashup or apologizing for bringing it to your attention with an earful of the melodic tones of John Williams score mixed with screaming goat noises. And I need to admit, there's this other part of me that wants to urge you to play it over and over again because it seems to get even more intense the more times you listen to it. Whether or not it's the good kind of intense is probably up for debate. Art is, after all, subjective.

Via MTV, the video comes to us courtesy of the Marca Blanca YouTube Channel, which also shared this altered clip of a scene from Jurassic Park, wherein the dinosaurs have been replaced by another impressive spectacle...

Goats for the win!

It seems only fair that goats should have their day in the Jurassic Park sun, considering how bad they had it in the actual movie. Go ahead and keep that in mind as you watch this (altered) clip from Jurassic Park, which inserts appropriate goat reactions to some of the harsher goat moments of the film...

That video comes to us courtesy of Flavor Fluffie.

Going back to the Marca Blanca videos, this is the same YouTube channel that gave us Game of Thrones theme song sung by goats:

Believe it or not, these are not the only goat-scream movie/TV mashups out there, though we won't promise that all of them are worth your time. But if you absolutely need to hear the Breaking Bad theme song sung in the key of goat screams, we're just saying, it's out there...

Or you can see what we know about Jurassic World here.

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