Heath Ledger Is Dead

I’m sitting in the Salt Lake City airport right now, attempting to finish up my Sundance coverage, and this just flashed across my screen: Heath Ledger is dead.

There are no real details at this time, only that the New York Times is reporting he was found unconscious in an apartment building around 2:00 this afternoon by a masseuse and a housekeeper who had an appointment with him. They tried to wake him, were unsuccessful, called the police who say they found pills near his body.

Pills near his body is not a good sign, but whatever happened here this is an incredible shock. Heath Ledger? He just never seemed like the type. I’m not even sure what to say, this is still sinking in. Maybe some of you will have better words than I do. Post them in the comments section below.

Heath Ledger is gone. Really gone. America has lost one of its most talented actors. Batman has lost his Joker. More sad details as they appear.

Josh Tyler