With so many years having passed since the last film in the spoofish Scary Movie franchise, it should be interesting to see which horror films are worked into the plot of Scary Movie 5. The latest bit of casting for the comedy not only brings one more familiar face to the movie, but also gives us a slightly better idea of the plot of the film, including how a certain dark, dance-focused movie ties into the story. (More specific spoilers ahead!)

Deadline has reported that Heather Locklear has joined the cast of Scary Movie 5, which recently went into production in Atlanta, with David Zucker at the helm. From what's being reported, Locklear is set to play the mother of Ashley Tisdale's character. The part is said to be inspired by Barbara Hershey's character Erica (Natalie Portman's character's mother) in Black Swan. Scary Movie 5 will have Tisdale playing one of three dancers trying to win the lead in a dance production. The premise alone doesn't sound all that scary, but factor Black Swan into it and there's definitely an added creepy-factor.

Locklear's better known for her dramatic roles, particularly in soapy primetime dramas like Dynasty and Melrose Place, but I can see how the experience from some of her well known TV roles might help her in a part like this, assuming we're in for a very exaggerated version of the mother/former dancer who is determined to see her daughter succeed.

Earlier this week, we mentioned that former SNL player Molly Shannon was among the cast (she also appeared in Scary Movie 4). Deadline says Shannon's role is "the Winona Ryder character" (modeled after Ryder's Beth MacIntyre from Black Swan.) Shannon's experience on Saturday Night Live should come in handy when parodying the emotional dancer.

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