Here's Aaron Paul's Response To The Dark Tower Movie Casting Report

Last night, news broke that Aaron Paul might be getting the role of his dreams in The Dark Tower, after years of lobbying and meeting to star in the role of Eddie Dean. Well, it looks like the Breaking Bad star has read those very same reports, and has a couple of things to say about the possibility.

Aaron Paul took to Twitter this evening, in what looks like some high visibility maneuvering designed to grease the wheels for his casting. The first tweet shows Paul referencing an item covering the original scoop from Blastr, with the following response:

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If Aaron Paul were to leave the matter with just that tweet hanging in the air, the public could be mistaken into thinking that Eddie was a signed and sealed deal for Paul and The Dark Tower crew. But just two minutes later, Paul broadcast the following impassioned plea to the man, the myth, the legend himself – author and father of The Dark Tower himself, Stephen King.

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Preaching to the choir is the latest step in Aaron Paul's campaign to play the heroin addict from our world who eventually sides with Roland the Gunslinger, and fights the good fight across the many lands of battle in a world beyond ours. This of course comes after all of the meeting and talking that Paul had done during Ron Howard's tenure as the director of The Dark Tower, which may have been some time ago, but would still keep Paul's name fresh in the minds of those who have taken over. However, Russell Crowe and Javier Bardem might have something to say about that assumption, as both previous candidates for Roland were passed over for the equally exciting Idris Elba.

However, Aaron Paul does have a trump card up his sleeve when it comes to The Dark Tower's casting: Stephen King is a huge fan of Breaking Bad, and has gone on record saying as such. So for as much as fans of the seven book series see Paul as dead on casting for the role of Eddie Dean, no one would see this better than King himself. Which is, of course, why King gave Paul the following response:

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While this is far from a done deal, it's nice to see that Stephen King is behind Aaron Paul's casting in one of the most iconic roles of his writing career. King's approval is another feather in Paul's cap, and with The Dark Tower being scheduled to drop in theaters on January 13, 2017, he'll need all the plumage he can get in order to steamroll the powers that be. One thing's for sure: this story is developing at break neck speed, and anything can and will happen until an official casting has been made by Nikolaj Arcel and company. When the hammer drops, we'll let you know as soon as the decision has been made. Until then, you can check out some trivia below...

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