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The Highlander Remake Is Slowly Morphing Into Twilight

Few fans have suffered quite as much as Highlander fans. The first movie is epic, iconic, and nearly perfect. The next one was horrible and that might have been the end of it, at least as far as fans were concerned, if not for the television series which ran from 1992 – 1998. Highlander: The Series was also nearly perfect, an amazing television show which helped carry the Freddie Mercury music-infused story of immortals battling with swords into the modern era, then onward and… into the pits of despair. In addition to the one good movie and the one really good television show, Highlander fans have been repeatedly raped by no fewer than 3 horrible movies. If they were just bad, maybe karma could live with that and we could all forget about it and move on, but in some cases they’re retroactively bad, rewriting the universe so that even the parts that were good now seem to suck. You think Star Wars fans have it bad? You haven’t seen Highlander: The Source. Smart move.

There’s been talk of a remake lately and for suffering Highlander fans it probably seemed like it couldn’t possibly be worse than the hell they’ve already been through. But if you’re a Highlander fan, you should really know better. Brace yourselves: Here comes Highlander: Twilight.

Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the Twilight franchise, has been working on the remake for awhile and tonight THR reports that they’re taking a new direction with the production and bringing in Melissa Rosenberg to write the remake script. Rosenberg’s most noteworthy work to date was as the mind behind all five of the scripts written for the Twilight movies.

If it were just Summit remaking it, maybe with some non-Twilight writer, I wouldn’t be worried. Or if some other studio were behind it, and hired Rosenberg, I’d be more willing to give her a chance. She did write a few pretty decent episodes of Dexter after all, and I’m willing to ignore all the writing she did on Ally McBeal and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. But combine Summit and the writer of Twilight together with the horrific and utterly depressing history of the Highlander franchise in a remake being directed by Fast Five's Justin Lin, and I think we know what we’re getting here. Brace yourselves Highlander fans, we’re getting cornholed yet again, and it seems increasingly unlikely that any of these remake dreams will ever come true.