Hit Girl Kicks Ass In Her New UK Solo Poster

The Kick-Ass poster released in January uniting all of the characters is fantastic, but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost the ability to stand on their own. Empire Online unveiled the brand new UK quad featuring Aaron Johnson as Kick-Ass earlier this month and now it’s Chloe Moretz’s turn to rock her own image.

Where does this one stand amongst the ever-increasing collection of Kick-Ass posters? My favorite is still the character posters that connect to form the film’s title in the background, but the UK’s Hit Girl poster is far superior to the US version. There’s nothing wrong with the domestic version, the international one is just a much more successful attention grabber. Plus, the tagline, “Cute. Adorable. Deadly.” is genius. Hopefully posters for Red Mist and Big Daddy are next.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.