How much do you like PEZ candy? I’m betting quite a bit. That’s because everyone with a mouth full of teeth, a tongue and a throat adores the teeny tiny sweets. But even if you are a PEZ addict whose devotion has led to you getting a tattoo of the sweet on your rear-end, you probably only ever had nightmares that a movie about the candy would ever be created. If that’s the case, we’ve got some bad news, because Hollywood has officially run out of ideas and greenlit a movie about PEZ.

Envision Media Arts (EMA) have confirmed that they’ve made an exclusive agreement with PEZ Candy, Inc. to develop a new movie that will be based on the candy and their famed dispensers – which have been modeled after people throughout history.

Started in the mid 1920s, the PEZ Candy dispensers are now 88-years old and over 3 billion candies are eaten in the United States per year alone. Until the release of the film, the PEZ dispensers’ most famous involvement in pop culture history came in a Seinfeld episode – specifically the scene that you can watch embedded below.

But what will the PEZ movie actually be aboutf? At this point in time we’re still not really too sure. Maybe the PEZ dispensers will take over the world in a similar fashion to the retro video game characters in this summer’s Pixels. Or they might try and place us directly in a world entirely made up of PEZ dispensers a la The LEGO Movie.

At this point in time it’s all still guesswork, but the responsibility for how to actually bring PEZ candy to the big screen now lies in the hands of writer Cameron Fay. Before signing on to this project, he has previously honed his craft on a number of short films over the last decade, but we’ll get an idea of what to expect from him as a feature film screenwriter later this year with the release Brother In Laws, starring Gillian Jacobs and Bill Pullman.

Cameron Fay has also been placed in control of the pen for a new Three Stooges Movie, which is a sequel to the 2012 comedy and is due out in 2017. Despite the impressive camaraderie of the leading trifecta Sean Hayes, Chris Diamantopoulos, and Will Sasso, The Three Stooges was only met with mediocre reviews and a relatively poor box office return of just $54.8 million, so it is Fay’s job to try and reinvigorate the franchise. And if he can achieve that they making a movie about PEZ dispensers should be a cinch.