One thing that horror aficionados love to argue about is which movie in their beloved genre is the scariest of all time. It's always been a matter of opinion, and will remain so as we continue to bicker back and forth to our dying breaths, but a number of experts in the field got together, voted, and have declared once and for all the most horrifying horror film ever made. You know we're still going to argue about this, right?

Hitfix recently took a massive poll of more than 100 horror fanatics, including writers, filmmakers, authors, movie critics, bloggers, scholars, actors, and anyone else who may have an aptitude for spooky cinema, and had them pick their top ten greatest horror flicks of all time. The results are in and it's a pretty fantastic list to say the least. Check them out below. Do you agree? What absolute classic did they miss?

10. Jaws

Right out of the gate we get a film that has long been the subject of the "is it really horror?" debate. But regardless of what genre you place it in, there's no denying the sheer terror inspired bySteven Spielberg's 1975 Jaws. The tale of a killer Great White Shark terrorizing the townsfolk of Amity Island has scared generations of would-be swimmers back to the shore.

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