How Chris Evans And Sebastian Stan Made One Civil War Screening Special

Captain America: Civil War may not be arriving to the entire public for another couple weeks, but special screenings are already popping up. No, not just the ones where critics judge it ahead of time. Fans are also getting getting to enjoy the third Captain America installment sooner, and last night saw multiple screenings at major cities across the United States, including, Phoenix, Arizona. What made the one in Phoenix especially special was that stars Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan paid a visit to those moviegoers.

It started earlier yesterday when the official Captain America: Civil War Twitter account posted the video below of Evans and Stan on a plane teasing that they were on their way to a screening.

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Well, several hours later, they arrived in Phoenix, Arizona surprised the folks seeing Captain America: Civil War at a special screening. Judging by the videos online, it looks like the actors showed up to greet and chat with the fans before the movie began, but made their exit before it started. However, before leaving, Chris Evans also mentioned that they should see the movie again when it comes out early next month. After all, those opening weekend numbers are important. You can check out the Chris Evans Online Twitter page to see videos and photos from the visit, but here’s a quick taste.

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While this certainly isn’t the first time that stars of a movie have surprised fans by attending a screening of said movie, it was great Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan to visit these folks, but still had a little fun about where their destination was ahead of time. Seeing a highly-anticipated Marvel movie three weeks ahead of time is a treat, but seeing two of its major actors in person is the cherry on top. Whether there are more special screenings coming or this is it until the movie is released to the masses, it would be cool if other members of the Captain America: Civil War cast could visit other showings. I, for one, would love to see Robert Downey Jr and Don Cheadle represent Team Iron Man to even the scales.

Building off the destructive events of The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War will see the MCU heroes being dealing with a new system of accountability from the world’s governments after an incident involving the Avengers results in collateral damage. With the movie’s various heroes disagreeing on whether or not they should be regulated, this will lead to a clash between two sides, one lead by the anti-registration Steve Rogers and the other led by the pro-registration Tony Stark. On top of this massive conflict, the enigmatic Zemo will also have his own sinister plan in motion.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters for everyone in North America on May 6.

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