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More Gremlins movies are coming because Hollywood loves its damn franchises. Rumors about the project have persisted for quite some time, as well as the possibility that it may be a reboot or a remake of the 1984 cult classic horror-comedy. However, now it seems that the filmmakers are not so eager to ignore the continuity of the previous Gremlins.

GamesRader reports that, while attending a screening of Gremlins in London, star Zach Galligan indicated that Gremlins 3 would take inspiration from an unlikely source, Jurassic World. He said:
So the only thing they will be and apparently are going to be – doing is something along the lines of like Jurassic World, where it will be 30 years later.

This essentially means that rather than going back and retelling the story of the original Gremlins movie – or retelling it in a modern way – Gremlins 3 will pick up where the other films left off. Using such a method worked incredibly well for Universal’s Jurassic World this past summer. Rather than tell another story about scientists trapped on a soon to be opened island, the story instead opted return to the Jurassic Park universe and directly address and build upon the events of the previous films.

Doing this keeps the door open for classic characters to still show up, whilst ensuring that future films do not find themselves beholden to any specific characters or continuity. The last decade has seen an explosion in the number of reboots and remakes produced by Hollywood studios. This technique allows directors to take old story concepts – many of which have come from the horror genre – and apply a modern sheen so they can be resold to audiences. However, the concept of remakes has become somewhat stale for audiences, and studios are instead opting to return to original continuities with sequels, but keep their distance so as to take a franchise in a different direction.

Galligan elaborated further to explain that because of this creative choice, it remains unclear about whether or not he will be in the new film at all. Because it is not a reboot, his character and the events that occurred around him still exist within the Gremlins continuity. However, because the story is picking up decades after the first two films, the story may have shifted away from Galligan and his character, Billy Peltzer.

It’s also worth noting that the approach Galligan mentioned has been neither confirmed nor denied at this early stage of development. This could just be an idea someone kicked around. So, while we look forward to Gremlins 3, we will bring you all the latest and greatest news associated with the project as it becomes available.