How Moneypenny And James Bond's Relationship Will Change In Spectre

James Bond is a legend. So much so that, if civilization falls and rises again hundreds of years later, people are likely to think he was a real crime-fighting, lady-loving badass British superspy. But, we all know that he has a massive amount of help from the team in the field and in the offices and labs of MI6. Now, the current actress who’s taken on the mantle of Miss Moneypenny has some concrete thoughts about the character’s new role in the series.

Actress Naomie Harris has appeared in two James Bond movies, including the upcoming Spectre, and she relayed this information to Entertainment Weekly during an interview. As one of those MI6 employees indirectly involved in James Bond’s dangerous missions over the years, Miss Moneypenny has usually been professional eye candy for Mr. Bond. The relationship certainly has been flirty and frivolous. Bond has always respected her, though, even if it’s previously only been in a "Well, she’s a good secretary," kind of way. Now, Harris says:

Bond trusts her... He tells her what the true mission is about. He asks for her help. It shows he respects her and what she does. They do have this special relationship, which is great to see evolve — from flirting around the desk into something more substantial.

For the first time in the long-running James Bond series, the film Skyfall gave Miss Moneypenny (first name, Eve) a very satisfying backstory. The Naomie Harris Moneypenny got to, briefly, be another field agent who works closely with Bond (Daniel Craig) in the shooting, fighting, running and battling that always fills his perilous missions. After accidentally shooting Bond during one of these assignments, though, she’s suspended and reassigned to desk duty. By the end of the film, after doing her duty much better in another shootout, she decides to take over the role of secretary for the newly appointed M (Ralph Fiennes).

Miss Moneypenny has traditionally served as the private secretary to M, the head of MI6. She holds the high clearance level required of someone privy to the top secret missions of the agency’s super spies. She’s completely dedicated to her job, and usually has very little in the way of a personal life. This is probably one of the reasons (aside from Bond’s obvious manly attributes) that she’s always participated willingly in the flirt game with Bond.

I happen to think that seeing a new and improved Miss Moneypenny is a very good idea. The flirty moments were nice, but having her be a badass in her own right, who could take down a mercenary if need be, is even better. With all the sexing James Bond usually does with women in the series, having a woman who understands him but isn’t completely taken in by his charms just makes the character of Bond more complete. After all, if every woman who came into contact with him fell at his feet, he’d be way too perfect for us normal folks to really enjoy.

You can see more of the new Miss Moneypenny when Spectre opens on November 6.

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