How Wonder Woman Was Going To Look In The Cancelled Justice League Movie

Several years ago, before Zack Snyder launched the DC Cinematic Universe with Man of Steel, there was a different plan. Originally George Miller was going to bring us all of the DC heroes up front in a film called Justice League: Mortal. Unfortunately that film, as happens with so many, ended up being cancelled before it could ever really move forward. Some work was done however. Many of the roles had been cast and much of the film’s basic design had been done. Over the last several months we’ve begun to learn more and more about what that movie could have been. Our latest tease is a look at Mortal’s Wonder Woman.

An official shot of Megan Gale's Wonder Woman via Mark Rogers Photography. Mark released these pictures via his...Posted by Miller's Justice League Mortal - Documentary on Thursday, November 19, 2015

The shot was taken by photographer Mark Rogers and it shows the original costume design that would have been worn by the film’s Wonder Woman, Megan Gale. It’s a striking design to say the least. It’s a bit more traditional than we will see when Wonder Woman finally does make it to the big screen. It has what looks to be an actual skirt which is a very classic design. Although, it looks like this version of the skirt would be showing a lot more leg than we’re used to seeing. It doesn’t appear to actually go all the way around here. Somebody is going to tell me that it will make it easier to move in while fighting. That may even be true, but I’m still not sure that’s the reason.

The other thing that one instantly notices is how much more colorful this outfit is than the one Gal Gadot will be wearing in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

image description

The George Miller version’s armor doesn’t necessarily strike you as colorful until you compare it to the Zack Snyder costume. What the actual costume looks like is hard to tell, but since Gal Gadot is obviously being muted by same same camera effects that kept Superman from looking bright, everything is a bit darker there. Again, the skirt is what sets everything off. It’s a bright blue to say the least.

So what do you think? Would you rather see the big screen Wonder Woman in the more traditional costume of George Miller’s film, or are you happy with the one you’re going to see? Let us know below.

Dirk Libbey
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