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Watch Anthony Mackie Hilariously Tear Into Man Of Steel

So we’re not sure if you heard but Man of Steel was a fairly divisive flick. While some people did enjoy the Superman reboot, many others found the film severely lacking. It turns out one of those people is Marvel’s Falcon, Anthony Mackie. He was recently asked his opinion on DC vs Marvel, which you’d think might be an entertaining answer, but he doesn’t just pick his side, he goes after the opposition. Not only did he not like Man of Steel, he doesn’t really understand people who do. Check it out.

First off, it needs to be pointed out that nobody has ever sounded cooler calling somebody "bananas" before. It’s a phrase that you just don’t hear anymore and we’re glad that Mackie is bringing it back. Mackie doesn’t go into specifics with his problem with the other movie while discussing it with Steve Weintraub of Collider, beyond an implication that the thing was just too damn long, which he probably wasn’t wrong about. Mackie has just had his mind boggled by the fact that somebody loved that movie. Let alone someone who runs a major movie Web site. He's literally amazed by Weintraub's confession.

Man of Steel was a problematic film. While the character is often held up as an example of optimism, everything about the film was depressed, including the color palette. DC is apparently of the opinion that anything that isn’t dark and gritty is bad. While this means that Dawn of Justice is looking to be a fantastic Batman movie, it also means that Man of Steel ends up looking like it would have been a fantastic Batman movie, that forgot to put Batman in it. At some point it would be cool if they made a Superman movie.

By the way, it’s probably also worth pointing out that the answer to Mackie’s question, "what was he last good DC movie you saw?" would be answered with Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight by most people. That movie came out in 2008, the same year that Marvel launched their cinematic universe with the first Iron Man. They’re playing catch up is what we’re saying and when you hurry you make mistakes.

We’re still holding out hope that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will surprise us and be good. The trailers look good, although the trailers for the last one were good, too, and we saw how that turned out. We know there are actually lots of people who liked Man of Steel, not as many as didn’t but still. Feel free to let us, and Anthony Mackie, get an earful in the comments. What is it that none of us understand?

Dirk Libbey
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