Hugh Dancy Will Have An Affair Before His Wedding In Tommy O'Haver's Spree

Underrated actor and Claire Dances husband Hugh Dancy is set to reteam with his Ella Enchanted director Tommy O'Haver in an upcoming psychological thriller. Co-written by the helmer and scribe Kevin Turen, it follows an out of control, soon to be groom who has an affair right before his wedding. I've seen both Very Bad Things and Fatal Attraction enough times to know that was probably foolish decision making.

Set in Hollywood, the film is called Spree, and it's being produced by Maya Entertainment. They'll handle the American box office publicity, but they're hoping to find an international partnership at the Cannes Film Festival that'll be willing to take the foreign distribution.

Beyond Dancy's resumed partnership with Tommy O'Haver and the brief plot description, not much is known about Spree including how the hell it's a psychological thriller. It sounds like a dark comedy or maybe a drama from the description, but maybe this mystery woman he has an affair with will turn out to be schizophrenic. Better yet, maybe she'll turn out to be Catherine Tramell. People forget Hugh Dancy was in the forgettable Basic Instrict 2, but it was before he really had too many options. The man had to eat.

According to The Wrap, principal photography should begin in September or October with an eye toward releasing next year.

Mack Rawden
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