Interview: Hot Tub Time Machine’s Clark Duke

Clark who? Clarke Duke, a name you should get to know. He played Lance in Sex Drive and is about to get to work on his fourth season of Greek as Dale. If you haven’t seen either, odds are, you have no idea who the guy is. Well, not only is he in the highly anticipated upcoming superhero movie Kick-Ass, but he also stars alongside Rob Corddry, John Cusack and Craig Robinson in Hot Tub Time Machine.

Duke plays Jacob, one of four guys who time travel via hot tub back to the 80s. Of the group, Jacob is the only one who wasn’t alive in 1986 and is the sole person to retain some sense after the trip and acknowledge the necessity to eventually return home to modern times. Jacob is constantly taunted by his older buddies, particularly by Corddry’s character, the cynical and foul-mouthed Lou.

Check out my video interview with Duke during which he discusses working with his hilarious co-stars, his significant amount of comedic input and his high hopes for Kick-Ass as well as potential for a sequel.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.