Tony Stark has made a career out of making the rest of us jealous. Sure, in Iron Man 3 he's suffering a bit more than usual, experiencing PTSD after the battle of New York seen in The Avengers and up against a terrifying foe in The Mandarin, who responds to threats by blowing up Tony's cliffside Malibu manor. But as Tony says himself in one of the film's trailers, "I'm Tony Stark. I build neat stuff, I've got a great girl, and occasionally I save the world."

It's that neat stuff that we're focused on today, still excited about Iron Man 3 this weekend and focused on some of the amazing gadgets and inventions we got a look at when we saw the film. Tony didn't create all of it-- he's up against another inventor, Aldrich Killian, this time-- but when it comes to gadgets that make us furious with envy, the more the merrier. We've ranked the film's most eye-popping gadgets below. Let us know your favorites in the comments, and to discuss all of Iron Man 3 with spoilers, click here.


10. Tony's magically expanding iPhone-thing.
While Jon Favreau's Happy Hogan is at the Stark Industries headquarters trying to get the hang of Face Time-chatting on his iPad, Tony is back at home making the iPad look like a rotary telephone. We don't get a great look at his handheld tablet, but it's about the size of an iPhone, with the bonus of a extra screen he can flip up into empty space. I can't even get Verizon to let me use Google Maps while talking on the phone, and Tony can do that? No fair.

9. The kid's potato gun.
Sure, it's nothing compare to the Iron Man suit that's crash-landed in his garage. But Harley Keener (Ty Simpkins) is definitely a Tony Stark-in-training, and that potato gun-- which seems to be built out of the tubes you'd use to create a maze for your hamsters-- is impressive stuff, especially when Tony steals the design for one of his own homemade gadgets later on.

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