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Iron Man 3 Mondo Posters: You Need To Own These

Mondo remains the source for the best, most creative new posters about old movies you love, but they're getting better and better at crafting remarkable art to surround new releases-- at least the new releases that stand a decent chance of becoming classics someday. The above poster you see, plus the variant and the additional design below, were all commissioned by Mondo on the occasion of Iron Man 3, and hardcore fans of the man in the suit will be able to celebrate the new movie by buying these posters on Friday.

The posters will go on sale on May 3 at, and you'll have to follow Mondo on Twitter to see the exact time they'll go on sale. Martin Ansin is the guy behind the gloriously old-school one that emphasizes Tony Stark's suit, and as you'll probably learn when seeing the film this weekend, nicely reflects the vibe of the very, very cool closing credits. Here's what Ansin had to say about his own inspirations in making the poster:

"It's Iron Man comics that led me into drawing when I was a little kid. All it took for me to get hooked was an oversized shellhead collection by Tuska in black and white, magic markers, and a week sick in bed. Doing this poster has been amazing luck - and a tough job, with that 5 year old fan keeping tabs on it."

Toronto-based Phantom City Creative took care of the other poster, which highlights all of the Iron Man suit designs that appear in Iron Man 3 (we've been talking a lot about them, if you haven't noticed) while also making sure to put the man himself in focus. Here's what Phantom City Creative's Justin Erickson had to say about the design:

"To me, Tony Stark's real super power is his intelligence and ingenuity. With the Iron Man 3 armory poster, I wanted to showcase that by featuring a schematic chart of all the Iron Man suits with Stark himself front and center."

Let us know which one's your favorite in the comments, and if you wind up buying one please tell us so we can be eternally jealous. If you want to get psyched for Iron Man 3 without shipping out your credit card, you can also join us to talk about superheroes and critics and speculate about The West Coast Avengers, or hear Robert Downey Jr. himself explain how The Avengers ties into Iron Man 3.

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