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Nazis are maybe the best of movie bad guys. Their human yet inhumane, so we as an audience can unrepentantly relish in their destruction be it at the hands of Indiana Jones, Captain America: The First Avenger, or Inglourious Basterds. Because as Lieutenant Aldo Raine gleefully acknowledged in the last, we want those scalps.

But maybe after all these years of Nazi bad guys, you fear there's nowhere new to go with Hitler's vitriolic hordes. To that, I say, you forgot about space.

Coming soon to the Berlin Film Festival is Iron Sky, the campy action-comedy that boasts Nazis from the dark side of the moon! Timo Vuorensola, the frontman of the Finnish metal band Älymystö, has been trying to secure funding for this, his directorial feature debut since 2008, when he first released a fundraising teaser. Now, thanks to the collective effort of movie fans from around the globe, Iron Sky has been made. Below, you can check out the thoroughly demented and entertaining trailer:

"The battle for Earth is gonna' get Nazi!"

The plot of this science-fiction fueled comedy supposes that as World War II drew to a close, Nazi scientists launched spaceships from Antarctica that took their troops to the dark side of the moon, where they could regroup. Now, as an American moon landing is planned for 2018, the Nazis discover their long-awaited opportunity for world domination.

Iron Sky, which is predominantly in English, boasts an international cast that includes French actress Julia Dietze, American actor Christopher Kirby, German movie star Götz Otto, Australian leading lady Peta Sergeant, and stand-up comic Stephanie Paul, who hails from New Zealand. As Vuorensola states above, Iron Sky will make its world premiere in Berlin at February 11th within the Berlin International Film Festival's Panarama program. A theatrical release of the film will follow on April 4th in Finland, and April 5th in Germany.

I regret to report that at this time there's no word if Iron Sky will hit theaters in the U.S. Hopefully it will be a hit in Berlin, and some domestic distributor will take notice.

I mean, how could they not? We're talking motherf*cking space Nazis!

To learn more, check out Iron Sky's website.