J.J. Abrams Wants You to Host The First Screening Of Star Wars: Episode VII

J.J. Abrams is at it again. The director has posted yet another cool video from the set of Star Wars: Episode VII, promoting the exclusive fan-driven contest that is being sponsored by "Force for Change" while also revealing some amazing practical props AND offering an incredible offer for die-hard Star Wars fans. Watch the clip above, and we’ll break it all down for you.

As was previously promised, Star Wars fans who enter the online contest have a chance to travel to London to visit the set of Star Wars: Episode VII and be in the movie. Which is awesome. But J.J. Abrams just sweetened the pot. In the Youtube video, he says those who sign up ALSO are eligible to host a private screening of Star Wars: Episode VII "before it hits theaters." Abrams said, "Invite 20 of your closest friends and family."

Then an X-Wing pilot moved him out of the way and climbed into his spacecraft. I kid you not.

X-Wing Fighter

Get a closer look at the new type of X-Wing revealed in the video by going here.

What incredible opportunities for gung-ho Star Wars fanatics. The chance to visit the set is a once-in-a-lifetime offer. But then turning around and telling a fan that they will be one of the first people on the planet to see Star Wars: Episode VII in their home town with 20 close friends and family? Man, Abrams really is doing this right.

The use of the practical effects in these videos serves a second purpose, though. It says to the fans watching at home, "See? We are paying attention. We are forgoing the digital effects. We’re bringing this world to life." You remember the puppet who meandered through Abrams’ first video, right?

And, on top of it all, this contest supports a great cause. What are you waiting for? Register now! Star Wars: Episode VII is moving to meet a December 2015 release date. The plot might involve this (SPOILERS). And you might be on the set, watching Harrison Ford on crutches and John Boyega, wielding a bad-ass lightsaber. Cool enough for you?

Sean O'Connell
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