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Jane Fonda Hippies Out In Peace, Love And Misunderstanding Trailer

Elizabeth Olsen's huge breakout year is behind her, and none of the roles she's filmed since getting enormous buzz with Martha Marcy May Marlene have yet come to theaters, but her career is one that came out of the gate fast. Before anybody knew who she was beyond "the sister of Mary Kate and Ashley," Olsen had also filmed roles in the thriller Silent House, which opened earlier this year, and the comedy Peace, Love & Misunderstanding, which is on its way to a June release. Today we've got our first look at the movie, which as you'll see, has quite the all-star cast to back up newcomer Olsen. Take a look below.

If you're a moviegoer of a certain age or a fan of older films, the draw here is clearly not Olsen but Jane Fonda, who rocks a huge wig and some really outlandish clothes as the aged hippie grandmother who winds up dispensing advice right and left. The set up for the movie is a little groaningly familiar-- even Catherine Keener seems to indicate she's already read this story of an uptight lawyer converting to free love-- but Fonda seems to be put in the middle to make it all worth it. The resume of director Bruce Beresford, most famous for directing Driving Miss Daisy, doesn't really suggest there will be a lot of nuance here, but you really never know what a bunch of good actors can do when put in a scene together.

Peace, Love & Misunderstanding opens June 8, opposite Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted and, er, Prometheus. OK, so maybe you won't see Misunderstanding over the giant Ridley Scott sci-fi epic, but there's plenty of time to spend at the movies this summer, right?

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend