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The therapy-centered comedy A.C.O.D. first caught our attention with word that rising star and thinking woman's crush-object Adam Scott would be the feature's leading man. Then came reports that consummate character actor Richard Jenkins had signed on to play Scott's father, and we considered ourselves doubly blessed. And now Screen Daily unleashes news that's sure to thrill fans of Scott's sardonic and short-lived sitcom Party Down, as his former fellow onscreen caterer Jane Lynch has just joined A.C.O.D.

With a script from Daily Show writer Ben Karlin and Six Degrees creator Stu Zicherman, A.C.O.D.--which stands for Adult Children of Divorce—centers on a grown man (Scott) who is shocked to discover he was the subject of a psychological study that focused on the children of divorced couples. Now it's time for a follow-up study, and the results prove hilariously rattling to his fractured family unit. Within this wacky setup, Lynch will play a washed-up therapist who is seeking a second shot at fame by exploiting Scott's divorce-centered trauma.

Though Lynch is best-known nowadays for her Emmy-winning role on Glee as the sneering and ever-jeering cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, she has also made her mark in the movies with eye-catching and sidesplitting supporting roles in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Role Models and Best in Show. Whatever the role, she's always proved to be hysterical, so her casting here bodes well for A.C.O.D. Yet, as an ardent Party Down fan, I'll be especially interested to see how these two highly-skilled comedic actors will play within this new parameter. Here Scott will not be her snarky peer but her desperate patient, and Lynch has proved especially sharp in roles of authority. All of which makes A.C.O.D. all the more intriguing.

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