Jason Bateman Talks Nipples In New Bad Words Clip

This clip is Pink Banded for racially-motivated sexual euphemisms and use of the word "ass."

Two nipples, or not two nipples; that is the question. For anyone who has ever wished for actor Jason Bateman to wander into their lives and teach them a little about simple anatomy, this clip from Focus Features’ Bad Words should give you a good idea of what it’s like. In the video, Bateman’s Guy Trilby is talking to the 10-year-old Chaitainya Chopra (Rohan Chand) about having a girlfriend, which in Guy’s mind includes a "chicken tikka to get your shrimp tandoori all up in."

Chaitainya is interested in a future where he can call a girl with nipples his own, and he isn’t ready to believe Guy’s assertions that all women have nipples. But instead of logically considering birth defects or post-surgery patients, Chaitainya’s view of nipple-less women is born of the much more practical observation that you can see nipples poking through some women’s shirts, so anytime you can’t, it must mean that those people don’t have any. It’s the same thought process that comes with assuming someone is bald due to their not having any hair. I can easily get on board with this kind of short-sighted intelligence.

In the previously released clip seen below, you’ll find that Guy is not only knowledgeable of female body parts, but also of sexual maneuvers for a party of one.

In Bad Words, Guy is a 40-year-old non-success who figures out a loophole in the national spelling bee’s rules that allows him to take advantage of his stunted education. Guy forms an unlikely but complementary bond with the bubbly Chaitainya as a reporter (Kathryn Hahn) attempts to get to the bottom of Guy’s odd motivations for victory. The film, which is Bateman’s directorial debut, also stars Allison Janney, Rachael Harris, Ben Falcone, Beth Grant and Philip Baker Hall.

You’ll be able to spell out your laughter with an abundant amount of "A"s and "H"s when Bad Words hits theaters nationwide on March 28th. Those living in the bigger metro areas will be able to see the film a little earlier for its limited run starting March 14th. If your ears can withstand a few more dirty words, check out the red band trailer below.

Nick Venable
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