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The Bourne movies have ruined me for Matt Damon. I love the guy, but now whenever I see his name attached to anything I can’t help but think I’ll never see him in anything even half as awesome as The Bourne Ultimatum. Unless of course it’s another Bourne movie, and right now other than a few rumbles, that’s not on the horizon.

What is on the horizon for the guy Jimmy Kimmel’s girlfriend is fucking, is a movie in which he’ll get to play rugby. You know rugby, it’s the sport where British guys beat the shit out of each other and then excuse it to their wives by claiming they’re playing a sport. Smart. The movie is Clint Eastwood’s next directorial project The Human Factor, and Variety says Damon will co-star with Morgan Freeman, who’s playing the Nelson Mandela.

In the movie, Matt plays rugby star Francois Pienaar, a guy who helped Nelson Mandela stage a rugby event which gave South African whites and blacks something they could agree on. The plan had Mandela decided to support the country’s Springboks team in the 1985 Rugby World Cup. The team had been banned by apartheid and backing them gave everyone something to rally about, regardless of skin color. National pride trumps racism, at least in this instance.