Jeff Bridges Confirmed To Headline This Year's Lebowski Fest

If you run Lebowski Fest – a celebration of all things The Big Lebowski -- the one guest you always want to book, year after year, is Jeff Bridges. He can never appear at too many Lebowski Fests. Attending Lebowski Fest is a rush. Attending one that happens to feature Bridges as a special guest, however, is borderline magical, and the Oscar winner is notching another appearance on this belt later this year.

THR reports that Jeff Bridges and his band, The Abiders (get it?), will headline this year’s Lebowski Fest in Los Angeles on April 25. The group will perform a set at the Wiltern Theater, where organizers say they will "drink white Russians, throw some rocks and party with an array of Dudes, Walters and Maudes." Perfect.

Bridges is no stranger to the Lebowski Fest, an event that started as a casual gathering of die-hard Big Lebowski fans but has grown over the years to become a massive cult celebration for Joel and Ethan Coen’s iconic comedy. Bridges appeared at the 2005 Lebowski Fest, performing a cover of Bob Dylan’s tune "The Man In Me," which plays over the opening credits in the film. And thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can watch him strumming that track right here!

But Bridges has been supporting the film for years. In 2011, he also joined the cast for a reunion screening, Q-and-A and Blu-ray celebration at Lebowski Fest.

Obviously, the movie has extreme legs. The Coens have had enormous cultural impact with movies like No Country for Old Men and Fargo (which recently detoured to television). But few have surpassed Lebowski in terms of beloved cult appeal. And it’s wonderful to see Bridges continue to give back to the community of fans who have embraced the comedy, and revisit its beauty year after year.

The "Dude" isn’t the only all-star coming to California for this year’s fest. THR says the Kyle Gass Band will perform. The fest also will feature film memorabilia, music from additional special guests and a screening of the film. Also, the signature bowling party, which has been a huge draw year after year. Now that you know Bridges will be there at the end of the month, will you try your best to be there?

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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