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Jennifer Lawrence Slays A Microwave In American Hustle Clip

Nowadays, we all know you're not supposed to put metal in the microwave. I mean, unless you want it to erupt into a sputtering ball of flames. (No judgment.) But back in the 1970s, the countertop microwave was a still newfangled kitchen accessory that's finer points were lost on some. Or at least this is the case for glamorous housewife Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence), the Jersey bride of con artist Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) in David O. Russell's American Hustle. In the above clip, courtesy of MTV, Rosalyn attempts to bake up some foil-wrapped dinner for her son Danny, when BOOM! But once her husband comes home and dares to complain, Rosalyn is quick to turn the situation around on him. See, microwaves are dangerous. They suck out food's nutrition. She's basically a hero.

Following her Academy Award win for Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle marks Lawrence's second collaboration with Russell and SLP co-star Bradley Cooper. But this time, instead of delivering a hopeful message about self-empowerment, Russell and company are delving into the wild world of the FBI ABSCAM operations, wherein the US government reached out to known conmen to utilize their special skillsets for the greater good. Rounding out the cast already dripping in acclaim are Bale, Amy Adams, and Jeremy Renner.

Revisit the first trailer, which is slathered in sex appeal and loaded with attitude.

This year is looking to be another good one for Lawrence. In 2012, she went from Winter's Bone's heralded indie it girl to box office sensation with The Hunger Games in the spring, and by the following winter was an Academy Award front-runner for Best Actress thanks to Silver Linings Playbook. Of course, she won the Oscar that night with her signature flare. And now she could be poised for a repeat, pairing The Hunger Games: Catching Fire with another Russell drama expected to be a contender come Oscar night. Of course, this is all looking way down the line. Not even critics have yet seen American Hustle. And while it's projected to open huge, Catching Fire won't hit theaters until next Friday. But we have little doubt Lawrence will continue her movie domination. Like the song goes: this girl is on fire.

American Hustle opens on December 18th.

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.