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Clearly, comedienne Jenny Slate isn't afraid of controversy. In her new movie Obvious Child, the former Saturday Night Live star dares to take on a topic so taboo that even edgy comedies like Juno and Knocked Up only tiptoed around it. To be frank, Obvious Child centers on a stand up comic who finds herself pregnant from a lame one-night-stand, and promptly decides she needs to get an abortion. Simply put, it's a romantic-comedy unlike any you've seen before. But you probably figured that out from its trailer.

Based on her short film of the same name, Obvious Child is the feature directorial debut of helmer/writer Gillian Robespierre. This dark comedy made its world premiere earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival, where it drew praise and was quick to be acquired by A24, the exciting new distribution company that has released such sensational indies as Ginger & Rosa, The Spectacular Now, The Bling Ring and Under The Skin.

As it hit other notable fests like SXSW and New Directors/New Films, Obvious Child continued to gain buzz. We're pretty pumped for it to roll into theaters this summer. Buzz is great, but Slate is better. Bolstered by a supporting cast that includes Gaby Hoffman, David Cross, Jake Lacy and Richard Kind, Slate seems poised to shine like the crazy diamond she is.

After being booted from SNL after just one season, Slate's time in the spotlight seemed painfully brief. But then she grabbed the world's attention once more by voicing the charming viral video "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On."

Since then, Slate has become a welcomed recurring television presence, popping up on such popular comedy shows as HBO's Girls, Raising Hope, Parks and Recreation, Hello Ladies, Bob's Burgers and Kroll Show, where she most famously plays Liz ("Pretty Liz") B. from the "PubLIZity" sketches.

We can't get enough of Slate. So we're counting down to when Obvious Child opens on June 6th.

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