Jessica Biel Is Getting F***ING ENGAGED!

I wanted to say that Jessica Biel is going places, but then I took a quick glance at her IMDB page and, well, I guess she isn't. While she's definitely been more popular than she is these days, she has rarely, if ever, transcended the "just a hot girl" role. Other than Jessica Biel's adorable face and that scene where she shows off her huge... knowledge of gay rights, why would someone go see I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry?

It may be possible for Biel to save her career, though, as she's just signed onto a movie titled, F***ing Engaged. Yes, that's the title. According to THR, the movie follows a young couple who decide to make a pact to have sex every day until they get married. The flick will be penned by newcomer Julia Brownell. I'm going to guess that if Kevin Smith is having a hard time getting the name A Couple of Dicks approved, this titled won't last long either.

F***ing Engaged can go down two very different roads. With a plot and title like this, it can either be a broad, straight-to-dvd quality comedy that puts too much focus on the sex and not enough focus on being real and sincere, or this can end up being an Apatow-esque look at young relationships. I'm hoping for the latter, but the former would obviously have more boobs, and I'm cool with that too.