Jessica Chastain's Gun-Control Drama Miss Sloan Is Lining Up An Excellent Cast

Hot button political issues make for interesting topics to be tackled in fictional films. The new film Miss Sloane further proves this point, as it follows a powerful fixer and her quest to secure legislation that would help improve gun control. As if the plot reminiscent of Michael Clayton wasn't exciting enough, the cast that's being put together for the film is starting to shape up as a group to be reckoned with – and it starts with the casting of Jessica Chastain in the lead role of Elizabeth Sloane.


Jessica Chastain

In the role of Elizabeth Sloane, Chastain will be playing said fixer set on facing down the gun lobby in a political battle over tighter background checks. She will be instrumental to the efforts of those in favor of the restrictions, which are starting to become more popular in the world of Miss Sloane. With The Hollywood Reporter reporting a past history of abuse behind her, Elizabeth will undoubtedly be the sort of strong, yet complex lead that Jessica Chastain excels at playing.


Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Fresh off of briefly flirting with a role in Star Wars: Episode VIII, as well as performing opposite Will Smith in last year's Concussion, Gugu Mbatha-Raw is the most recent member of the cast to be drafted into Miss Sloane. As a pro-gun control lobbyist, Mbatha-Raw will be playing a character that is hiding some sort of secret in her own past. Let's just hope that whatever that secret may be, it doesn't undermine her side's case.


Michael Stuhlbarg

After we've seen him in a scene stealing performance in Steve Jobs, but before we get to see him in this year's Doctor Strange, Michael Stuhlbarg will be playing a rather colorful role during the production of Miss Sloane. Stuhlbarg's role in the film will be that of a "foul mouthed Irishman, who wields considerable influence." Whether that influence is on the political process, or on merely the gun lobby itself, it's going to be interesting to see the former Boardwalk Empire actor playing a character that just might serve as the comedic standout.


Alison Pill

In a dramatic shift in tone from her last film, Cooties, Alison Pill is the final member of the Miss Sloane cast to report on. No details have been revealed pertaining to her role in the film, but if we were to guess who Pill would be playing, we'd say she's a member of the gun lobby who will go head to head with Chastain's Elizabeth Sloane. Should this turn out to be true, the clash between Pill and Chastain alone would be worth the price of admission, as these two actors could be dynamite when opposing each other in moral combat.

The cast to Miss Sloane is absolutely stellar, and we can only imagine who will be joining them before shooting starts. We don't have information on a start date, or a release window for Miss Sloane. As soon as we learn anything, you'll be the first to know.

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