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Josh Brolin Calls Out Robert Downey Jr., Wants Thanos To Crush Iron Man

As one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's latest additions, Josh Brolin looks to have a bit of a wait on his hands before he becomes as prolific as any of his other compatriots. With Guardians Of The Galaxy marking his MCU debut as Thanos, we still have no clue when he'll be returning to terrorize our favorite comic book heroes in the future. Yet he's already starting to pick cinematic fights with his brothers and sisters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We love it.

In his extremely charming and funny AMA from earlier this morning, Brolin talked about everything from how his father met his mother on the Batman show in the 60's, to a moment he shared with Steven Spielberg as a young kid on the set of The Goonies. But when you're talking to someone who's starred in a Marvel movie, the Marvel brand is going to come up at some point.

And come up it did, as Josh Brolin was asked about his role in Guardians Of The Galaxy and how much he enjoyed the film. For the record, Brolin absolutely loved the film, and he seems to be setting the wheels in motion for his future integration into the Avengers franchise. In fact, there's one particular member of Earth's mightiest heroes that he's ready to take on, as he mentions in his comment below.

"...when I was at Comic-Con, I realized the great rivalry between Robert & myself, and so did Marvel, so I think they have big plans for Thanos in the future."

So if Brolin is hinting at what we think he's hinting at, The Mad Titan will be facing off against the Genius Billionaire Philanthropist Playboy in particular, with the rest of the Avengers crew on the menu as afters. If this doesn't excite you, then clearly you're in the wrong article. On one level, you have another Marvelous clash between two 80's icons, following Robert Downey Jr. and James Spader's face off in next year's The Avengers: Age Of Ultron. While on another level, you have Thanos pitting his might against one particular mortal. Who knows what reason Thanos would have for facing off against Tony Stark specifically, but seeing as he doesn't paint the universe in the blood of just anyone, you can be sure there will be a HUGE reason as to why this would happen.

Third entries are hard nuts to crack when it comes to a series. Ask anyone, from Christopher Nolan to Joe Johnston, to even Robert Zemeckis; they'll probably tell you that the last in a series is probably the hardest effort one has to put in, especially if you're new to the fold for that entry like Johnston was with Jurassic Park III. Yet somehow, it's looking like we can be cautiously optimistic that Marvel Studios and Josh Brolin are going to lock down the third Avengers flick as a truly epic affair. Hopefully Joss Whedon will return for the third film, thus cementing that expectation even further.

You can still see Josh Brolin as the mad titan Thanos in Guardians Of The Galaxy, in theaters now!

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